Highlights Resiliens®Sport

Adaptogens, maral and B vitamins.

  • Made in Sweden by SHI (Swedish Herbal Institute) – World leader in the study of adaptogenic plants.
  • Result of 20 years of research. Resiliens ® Sport has been developed in collaboration with renowned biomedical researchers at various universities and institutions. Development began in 1990, related to space medicine, and continued among elite athletes.
  • Resiliens ® Sport is a new type of food supplement focused on those who want to improve their performance and achieve faster recovery after exercise.
  • It has a quick effect. The difference is noticeable after approximately 1 hour after consumption.
  • Resiliens ® Sport is recommended for professional and amateur athletes.
  • Each batch of Resiliens ® Sport is analyzed by an authorized WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) laboratory, to guarantee the absence of substances prohibited in sport.