Cognitril® Highlights

Food supplement based on patented extracts of Bacopa monnieri (BacoMind ® ), turmeric associated with phosphatidylserine (Meriserin ® ) and Centella asiatica standardized in triterpenes, along with a patented extract of saffron stigmas (Affron ® ) and vitamins B5 and B12. Cognitril ® is formulated with nutrients and plant extracts that help maintain cognitive function, memory and intellectual performance.
  • Patented and standardized extracts from high-quality plants.
  • BacoMind ® : patented extract of Bacopa monnieri, standardized in bacosides, with its own clinical studies.
  • Meriserin ® : turmeric associated with sunflower phosphatidylserine, Fitosoma ® technology.
  • Affron ® : Proprietary extract of saffron stigmas, standardized to Leptocrisalides ® , a measure of bioactive compounds in saffron that includes the isomers of safranal and crocin.
  • Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) contributes to normal intellectual performance and vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin) contributes to normal psychological function.