Highlights Krill Oil for children

- Omega-3 from high quality sources: NKO ® Krill Oil and Solutex ® fish oil.

- Omega-3 in the form of phospholipids, for better incorporation into different organs such as the brain and eyes ( Bioavailability and steady state assessment of EPA and DHA out of different formulations including Neptune Krill Oil (NKO). BioTeSys GmbK. Esslingen, 16th February 2009).

- With astaxanthin and choline, from NKO ® Krill oil.

- Vitamin D in its most bioavailable form: vitamin D3.

- No fishy taste or smell:

    • The omega-3s in NKO ® Krill oil They mix with stomach contents, avoiding unpleasant digestive problems.
    • In Solutex ® fish oil A deodorization process is carried out that eliminates the smell or taste of fish.
    • Pearl with a pleasant vanilla aroma.