Dosage and composition OcuProtect® Retina

Your ally for eye health

Food supplement with NKO® Krill Oil, saffron (affron®EYE), lutein, astaxanthin and other nutrients.


Box with 30 pearls, in blister.


1 pearl a day or following the recommendations of an expert.


Ingredients per 1 pearl : 300 mg NKO® Krill Oil and 204 mg Fish Oil (total EPA and DHA content in krill and fish oil: 60.9 mg EPA and 120 mg DHA); 50 mg Tagetes erecta extract (FloraGLO®), standardized to 20% lutein (10 mg) and 1.5% zeaxanthin (0.75 mg); 20 mg saffron extract (Crocus sativus) Affron®EYE, standardized to 3% crocin (0.60 mg); 2 mg Zinc (L-OptiZinc®, mono L-methionine zinc sulfate); 20 µg chromium (NutraFeast®, chromium-enriched yeast); 4.8 mg vitamin E (D-alpha-tocopherol); 1 mg astaxanthin (from AstaReal® and NKO® Krill Oil); 1.2 mg beta-carotene (Betatene®) with 200 µg retinol equivalents (vitamin A); 0.2 mg copper (copper gluconate).